Automatically Reporting Software for all Yokogawa Data Logger / Recorder.

The Feature List

Automatically Reporting Software for all Yokogawa Data Logger / Recorder.

The program AdvancedReport performs automatic Report creation and Export for the Yokogawa Data Logger / Recorder family.

The program AdvancedReport performs automatic conversion of the data files and the event files of the Yokogawa recorder from the Smartdac GX, GP, DX, DXP, FX, DXAdvanced and MV1000 family. By the users own configurations it is possible to select the export file between the formats ASCII [csv] and Microsoft Excel freely. Additionally, it is possible to use an Excel-template. If the Excel template is not used, it is not necessary to install Excel on the computer.

A further advantage is in the user-defined designation of the export file. Batch data, starting times and further characteristics for the automatic file designation can be used.

For an effective conversion it is possible to activate the times of the function at different intervals.

A condition for these functions is the presence of the data files, display data files and/or display event files in a folder on the Windows PC.


Automatically User managment for your Recorder at the factory.

  • Synchronize the User between SmartDac Recorder in Intervals
  • Add and Change Group Policies
  • Add the default User for an Startup on customer site
  • Add the User for an FAT and SAT onsite.
  • Use different Recorder Areas with different User
  • Enable and Disable Recorder from the synchronize procedure.
  • Email Status Messages about the synchronize procedure
  • Audit Trail for Recorder with /AS Option.
  • Reset User Password from your Desk without Java-Applet Issues
  • Supportet Devices

    Yokogawa SmartDAC

  • GX10
  • GX20
  • GP10
  • GP20
  • GM10
  • DXAdvanced
  • DX1000
  • DX2000
  • FX1000 / FX100
  • MW100 / MX100
  • DX100(P) / DX200(P)
  • CX100 / CX200
  • Software Option Audit Trail

    If a Recorder use with the Option /AS, it is possible to use the Audit Trail Option of the software.
    Within this software option, it will be log every User Changes and also every System Change at the Software and at the Recorder.
    The Software support Login with Username, User ID and User Password.
    There are three Administrator Accounts implemented. It is also possible to use a “Admin” Account of a Master Recorder.

    Software Option Multi Plant

    With the Multi Plant option it is possible to defined more than one Master Recorder to implement different Plants. Use Recorder at the Sterilisation Area and the Production Area with different User Settings.

    How does it works

    (1) Connection between the “Master” Recorder and the PC Software

  • Receive User settings from MASTER Recorder
  • Send back the information to the MASTER Recorder
  • User can change password on the MASTER Recorder
  • (2) Software AdvancedUserConnect

  • Receive User settings from Recorder
  • Editing User settings on the Recorder
  • Transfer User inclusive Settings to each other active Recorder
  • (3) Connection to the “CLIENT” Recorder

  • Receive user settings from MASTER Recorder
  • Receive user settings from CLIENT Recorder
  • Synchronize the User Settings between the MASTER and CLIENT Recorder
  • Documentation

    Supportet Language:
    German and English.

    Installation Manual
    Manual english
    Update Info / Change Log


    Here you will find some screenshots of our Software Solutions.


    Recorder configuration

    Recorder Login

    User Management

    User Group

    Recorder some Settings

    Manuel User transfer

    Audit Trail User and System Overview

    Audit Trail Filter function

    Audit Trail Administrator Settings

    Want more informations?

    Please contact your Yokogawa Sales Team for "Control" and "NetSol".

    Please contact your Yokogawa Sales Team for "Control" and "NetSol".